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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you ruining all my favorite movies?

I’m not ruining them. I’m making them into art films.

Why don’t you like any of these great movies?

Actually, I love a lot of these movies. I just find it funny to re-imagine them with alternate endings, oftentimes resulting in an emotional response that’s 180 degrees away from the original.

I started this site mostly to make myself laugh. I’m a little immature like that.

I love this idea and all of your videos. It’s awesome!

That’s not really a question, but your enthusiasm is very much appreciated!

Why don’t you like happy endings?

They’re way, way too neat and tidy. Way too easy. And besides… who ever heard of an art film with a happy ending?

How often do you add new movies?

Well, it entirely depends on what DVDs I can get my hands on. In launching the site, I’ve more or less exhausted all the DVDs I own. So now I’m sifting through my friends’ libraries, and getting the occasional movies from Netflix. So once every few days, is my hope.

I want you to turn X movie into an art film. Will you do it for me?

If you’ve got a really great idea… you can suggest a movie to me. Though I can’t promise to honor every single suggestion I receive, I promise to review every recommendation.

Do you realize several of your movies break the “15 Minute Rule?”

You need to stop trying to spoil my good time. Just for that, I’m going to call you Spoily McSpoilerson from now on.

How can I make my own art film ending?

Good question, Spoily! All you need is a movie clip, and a still frame to fade in to. If you’d like the frame I use at the end of my art films… you can grab it here.

Tip: I’ve found that letting the audio continue during the fade helps add to the effect.

I’ve made an art film ending clip. Will you post it on your site?

I’m not sure yet how I feel about this. If I did take submissions, I’d want them to be movie clips that I could host here (as opposed to YouTube). My concern with YouTube is that I might wind up with multiple posts to dead movies (due to DMCA takedowns).

I never planned on this being a submission-based site, but if I get a lot of them… I just might.

Aren’t you afraid of DMCA takedown notices? Getting sued?

I’m actually really afraid of that. I’ve never had to confront lawyers, much less lawyers that work for movie production companies, and it all sounds terribly complicated and stressful. That said, I expect it’s just a matter of time before someone comes knocking on my Inbox.

It’s my belief that all the examples I’ve created here fall under Fair Use, since they’re essentially parodies of the originals. I am definitely not a lawyer, so this is pure speculation. I guess we’ll see if I’m right, and whether a judge agrees with my interpretation.

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